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Color-ly© has been birthed out of necessity. The necessity of being accepted by our peers and local businesses without experiencing prejudices due to the color of our skin or our cultural differences. In our communities there are social stigmas and stereotypes that prevent many from experiencing new and exciting adventures. Well the buck stops with us! Dare to be different and explore the world around you with comfort and ease.. 

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What We Do

We provide intuitive feedback through reviews of local businesses submitted by every walk of life and people of every color. Our reviews concentrate on one’s individual racial and cultural experience at some of the cities best bars, restaurants, arcades, hotels, services and much more. With our revolutionary way to see how diverse and inclusive a business is, it makes finding businesses so much easier. Let’s face it, we don’t want to waste our hard earned money on businesses that don’t care. Color-ly makes it easy to explore the places that we know you will love.

JOnathan Keys

The Creator of Color-ly

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Jonathan is a multiracial entrepreneur with aspirations to help his local community and drive economic success. He stepped into entrepreneurship by starting his first business in 2017. As a minority business owner, he understands how important it is to stay connected to people and resources that help you succeed.

Success isn't given, it's taken by those who dream when awake while everyone else sleeps.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our Mission

 To provide the best user experience and easiest application to explore, create, connect and review local business to influence diversity and inclusion.

Our Vision

To be the #1 worldwide online business directory to provide diverse and inclusive insight of local businesses near and far.


Most frequent questions and answers

We are an online business directory and review site where businesses can claim or add their listing(s) and users can review the businesses available.

It depends. If you are a business owner and want to claim or add your business on our site then you would want to create a business account. If you just want to simply use the site then you would want to create a user account. Once you create a user account you can always upgrade to a business account and choose one of our listing plans.

You can request the awesome team at Color-ly to add the listing. If you want to be notified when new businesses are added then you can choose to follow a listing owner. Color-ly will add listings that haven’t been claimed in which you will want to follow us.

You must have an account with us to submit a review.

Yes, we have a FREE plan where your business can be added for free. However certain features are unavailable that may be seen on listings subscribed to our Basic and AD-Vantage plans. To view listing plans you will need to create a business account here.

This site is a non-disciminatory site so yes, this site is for everyone. Everyone has different experiences according to their race. Whether your white, black, latino, asian or any other race, we want to give you a voice to explain your experiences.

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